About the Culture Online Award

The Culture Online Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of digital art in Russia, dedicated to enhancing the significance and impact of innovative technologies in the development of culture.

It was a difficult time…

The award originated in 2020 when traditional cultural formats became unavailable overnight in Russia and most countries worldwide. The public faced a stark and saddening truth - museums were closed, concert halls were empty, theater shows were canceled, and public areas became lifeless.

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a test for traditional forms of entertainment, familiar and dear moments of unity with creativity, to prove their strength. We have realized the importance of the cultural agenda during this time and how it can be effectively digitalized.

Once, it was unthinkable. But this new reality triggered the development of online formats that have become familiar to many. The digital formats of cultural life will soon be on par with the traditional ones.

Our country requires innovative and imaginative teams that can bring a fresh perspective to the digital industry and develop forward-thinking tools for advancing art in this new era.

Everything is changing for the better.

The fourth annual Culture Online Award is coming up, and it's anticipated to be a highly sought-after and progressive platform in Russia for showcasing your project and gaining recognition.

The award aims to encourage organizations, creative groups and talented youth to develop and implement cultural projects using digital technologies. Culture Online helps advance modern forms of cultural industries and fosters a humanitarian space. It aims to create innovative models of promoting and making art accessible.

Why should you participate?

Applying for the award helps elevate reputation, promote creative ideas, gain recognition from top experts in culture and art, attract new audiences, and ultimately reach a higher level of development.

What categories can I participate in?

This year the organizing committee of the Culture Online Award will judge the contestants' works in the usual 7 categories:

Best Online Project 2022: Projects that operate online are eligible for this category. This includes theater, music, and cinema projects.

Best Collaboration: This category is open for submitting online cultural projects implemented by two or more companies.

Best IT solution for the cultural sector: Projects that use Blockchain technology or artificial intelligence, and digital exhibitions that implement VR/AR, are eligible for the award.

Best Social Media Campaign: Blogs on the social media platforms VKontakte, TikTok, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Odnoklassniki, and others are eligible for the award.

Best Education and Outreach Project: Education and outreach projects that offer online lectures, masterclasses, training courses, programs, etc., are eligible for the award.

Best Livestreaming Project: This category is for projects that broadcast cultural events in real-time from the venue through the Internet.

Gamification and Culture: Mobile apps and online games related to the cultural field are eligible for the award.

The organizing committee may award individual contestants with the Special Prize of the Russian Cultural Foundation and the Special Jury Prize based on the evaluation of their works.

When selecting the winners, the judges will evaluate the participants' submissions based on various criteria, including originality, audience reach, cultural significance, growth potential, and overall user experience.

Write your name in the history of Russia!

Over the previous years, the organizing committee of the award received more than 1000 applications from 53 regions of the Russian Federation and 25 countries, including Austria, Singapore, Mexico, Czech Republic, Belgium, Great Britain, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Switzerland and others.

The winners and laureates of the award have made a lasting impact on our history. And you can too! Share your project and apply on the official award website! Your project may soon become a part of our cultural life!


Finalists and Laureates

Winner of the international award 2022


One of the largest music festivals in Russia, which has been held annually since 2015 in Yekaterinburg.

Winner of the international award 2022


A direction in the scope of “Life in the Dark” inclusive project which tells about different venues for active and cultural leisure for people with disabilities in Moscow (and not only) which have created an effective environment and designed individual cases for people with different conditions, taking into account their peculiarities.

Winner of the international award 2022


From 1 to 7 December 2021, all-Russian festival dedicated to the International Day of People with Disabilities was held in 35 regions of Russia.

Winner of the international award 2022


The first international prize in the field of contemporary art aimed at identifying teenage creative talent and helping them in their professional growth and development.

Winner of the international award 2022


Infotainment media project of the Russian Multogram studio for youth. A distinctive feature of the project is creation of humorous animated web series.

Winner of the international award 2022


The project invites visitors to get acquainted with digital interactive doubles of 6 most striking and recognizable publications from the collections of the Don State Public Library, created using the technology of photogrammetry (Meshroom) and game engine (Unity).

Winner of the international award 2022

Classics and Modernity

The Donetsk Republican Art Museum (DRHM) has developed a project designed to introduce the audience to young Donetsk talents, as well as to reawaken interest in the collection. DRHM invited contemporary artists to draw inspiration from paintings in the museum’s collection to create their own canvas.

Winner of the international award 2022


Promotion of “Mikhail Vrubel. To the 165th Anniversary of the Artist” exhibition on the Russian Museum’s social media trough a series of short video clips and release of an online guided tour.

Winner of the international award 2022


VR version of the Amber Room is an exact interactive model of the world-famous Catherine Palace interior created in virtual reality format.