Art.coordinate contemporary art foundation



The first international prize in the field of contemporary art aimed at identifying teenage creative talent and helping them in their professional growth and development.

In 2021, art.coordinate contemporary art foundation created an international project called Teen art awards. Participants of the award faced one of the most difficult and interesting tasks of the art world – the search for ways to actualize the classical heritage in contemporary art.
The best out of more than three hundred applications were selected by artists and art historians from Russia and neighboring countries. After the selection of participants, from 18 to 26 June 2022, art.coordinate fund presented the exhibition which brought together the winners and runners-up of teen art awards in St. Petersburg’s Master gallery. The exhibition featured 42 works of painting, graphics, video art and AR, digital and volumetric art – 27 young authors from different cities of Russia, Georgia, Armenia, USA, Indonesia and other countries.
The exhibition was assembled in the format of a representation of an inner research that every artist goes through: the gallery space was presented as the creator’s journey from creative chaos to a work of art. Teen art awards has become an important event in the cultural life of St. Petersburg and other countries and cities. The exhibition of works by winners and prize-winners was visited by more than 1.500 thousand people. After the end of the exhibition, it was discussed in various publications and mass media.

- How do you come up with a cool idea for a digital project?

You need to unite a big idea, a dream; in our case, it is an opportunity to bring together talented teenagers from around the world with the help of online tools, a lot of hard work, faith in the success and importance of the idea – this combination is what brings fruit. A project is always about values, about a strong image which should ignite hearts, spark the urge to create.

- What was the most difficult part of the first phase of the project?

Put the whole system together and make it run smoothly. Collecting applications, working with jury members, business partners, art partners, regulating the mechanisms within the project itself. – All this is a huge mosaic of teen art awards, which consists of hundreds of different elements, to collect all these puzzles and put them together was the most difficult task for us, because this is our first large-scale international project. I can’t even believe that we were able to do so much work with such a small team. But this just proves that everything is possible if you believe and move forward confidently.

- How does your project help people?

If the primary goal of the project is to genuinely help improve something or give someone the opportunity to fulfil their talents, it’s definitely worth pursuing. This is what our project is about. As we have already said, teen art awards is about a dream, when the impossible becomes possible. – When a boy from a small town, thanks to his talent, gets huge opportunities: an exhibition in a gallery, a grant to study at a very distinguished university, an international catalog, media coverage and new creative opportunities from the world art community. This is about a girl from Poland, who, thanks to the project, became pen pals with a boy from Armenia; and from this interaction, new beautiful art is born and there is joint creative growth. It’s about friendship of fellow professionals, art institutions that have joined forces to give recognition and a jump-start to talented kids from all over the world. Dreaming, believing in yourself and wanting to create – we support the urge to make art in young adults!