1. Rules and regulations for the “Culture Online” International Award

Award — the “Culture Online” International Award.
Organizers — the National Public-State Organization Russian Cultural Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Russian Cultural Foundation).
Application — the list of documentation and information about the project required for participation in the Award.
Participant — individuals and organizations of all types of ownership, nominating their projects for the Award.
List of Participants — the list of projects formed by the Contest Committee based on the Applications received.
Contest Committee — the group of experts appointed by the Award’s Organizers to collect, evaluate, and assign the participants’ applications.
Expert Council — the collegial body, established by the Organizer among the invited experts to evaluate the projects and select the Finalists and the Winners of the Award for each nomination.
Winners (Laureates) — the projects that earned the most points according to the Expert Council.

2. General Terms and conditions of the Award
2.1. These Regulations define the procedure of organizing and conducting the “Culture Online” International Award.
2.2. The “Culture Online” International Award was established by the Russian Cultural Foundation due to the accelerated digitalization among cultural institutions.
2.3. The purpose of the “Culture Online” International Award is to encourage cultural institutions that actively implement online technologies in their work and to highlight significant projects in the cultural field carried out with the help of cutting-edge technologies.
2.4. Cultural institutions, creative unions, public organizations, associations, bloggers, and other organizations that have accomplished cultural projects are invited to participate.
2.5. Information about the Award is published in national, regional, and international media, on the Internet, and on the official website of the Russian Cultural Foundation.

3. Award nominations.
3.1. Submission Categories
Best Online Project 2023: projects that operate online. Theater, music, and cinema projects are eligible for the Award.

Best Collaboration: online cultural projects implemented by two or more companies are eligible for the Award, as well as projects combining simultaneously in two offline/online formats

Best IT-solution for the Cultural Sector: projects involving Blockchain technology or artificial intelligence, digital exhibitions implementing VR/AR, etc., are eligible for the Award.

Best Social Media Campaign: blogs on social media platforms.

Best Education and Outreach Project: education and outreach projects that offer online lectures, master classes, training courses, programs, etc., are eligible for the Award.

Best Livestreaming Project: a project that broadcasts events in the field of сulture in real-time from the venue via the Internet.

Cultural Gamification: mobile apps, video games, or online games related to the cultural field are eligible for the Award.

The Special Prize of the Russian Cultural Foundation – the winner in this nomination is determined by the Russian Cultural Foundation from among all projects submitted for the Award.

3.2. The organizers of the Award reserve the right to establish additional nominations for the Award. Special prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Expert Council.

4. Implementing rules
4.1. Deadlines for the Award are determined and approved by the Organizers of the Award.
4.2. The Winners of the Award are determined in several stages:
Stage 1. Collection and review of Applications, establishing the List of Participants – from August 01 until September 22, 2023.
The organizers reserve the right not to consider projects received after the Application deadline, as well as the right to allow such projects to participate.
Stage 2. The List of Projects accepted for the expert review for each category will be finalized on October 06, 2023.
Stage 3. The List of Finalists for each category and the list of Winners of the Award will be determined from October 9 to October 18, 2023.
Stage 4. The Award’s finalists’ announcement shall be no later than October 26, 2023.
Stage 5. Awarding Ceremony for the Winners of the Award will take place – until November 15, 2023.

4.3. The organizers reserve the right to amend the dates of the Award

5. Submitting an Application

5.1. Only projects started after September 23, 2022, are eligible for participation in the Award.
5.2. Applications are accepted on the website of the digital educational project “Culture Online.” https://culturaonline.ru.
5.3. The confirmation from the e-mail award@culturaonline.ru in response to the Application submission is the official confirmation of the entry in the List of Participants.
5.4. Each participant can submit several projects in different nominations, while one project is submitted in only one nomination.
5.5. Submitting an Application that does not comply with the requirements outlined in these Rules and Regulations is considered a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Award and shall be considered by the Organizers a reason for rejecting such an Application.
5.6. The Participant of the Award shall be disqualified from participation in the Award at any stage of the Award if this person submitted false, incomplete, or fraudulent information or acted unlawfully when submitting the Application.
5.7. The Participant of the Award shall be disqualified from participation in the Award at any stage of the Award in case of an attempt of the Participant of the Award to influence (using rank, corporate, financial, or any other means) the members of the Contest Committee and the Expert Council during the evaluation of the projects.
5.8. By submitting the Application and participating in the Award, the Participant:
5.8.1. Guarantees that the project and its demonstration during the Award does not violate any third parties’ rights and legitimate interests.
5.8.2. Undertakes not to commit other violations of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, including legislation on the media, intellectual property, advertising, etc.
5.8.3. Undertakes not to post or distribute information and materials that are not related to the Award, are insulting to other Participants of the Award, contain foul language, promote incitement of racial, religious, ethnic hatred or hostility, criminal activity, damage the honor, dignity, and business reputation of other parties, or violate the rights and legitimate interests of the Participants of the Award or third parties.
5.9. The Organizers of the Award reserve the right not to admit a project to the List of Participants without providing an explanation.

6. Criteria for project evaluation.
6.1. Award Criteria:

Criterion Maximum score
Innovation 10
Audience coverage (media coverage, number of subscribers, number of views, downloads, etc.) 10
Cultural value 10
Scalability/Potential 10
Social significance 10
User Experience 10

6.2. The Applications received from the participants become available for review by the members of the Contest Committee.
6.2.1. After reviewing the Application materials, the members of the Contest Committee form a List of Projects admitted for the Expert Evaluation.
6.2.2. The allowed number of projects admitted for the Expert Evaluation in each nomination shall be no less than ten and no more than twenty.
6.2.3. To create the List of Projects eligible for the Expert Evaluation, members of the Contest Committee assign points to projects for each criterion, evaluating the materials provided by the Participant.
6.2.4. The projects, which received the highest scores after summing up the scores for each criterion from all members of the Contest Committee, are allowed to participate in the Expert Evaluation.
6.2.5. The Contest Committee forwards the List of Projects to the members of the Expert Council for further evaluation.
6.3. The members of the Expert Council give points to the projects for each criterion based on the materials provided by the Participant.
6.4. The results of the evaluation of the projects by the members of the Expert Council are passed on to the Organizers to finalize the List of Finalists for each nomination.
6.5. No more than five projects in each nomination, which scored the highest number of points after summing up the points for each criterion from all members of the Expert Council, are eligible to be included in the List of Finalists.

7. Voting results and selection of the Winners
7.1. The Laureate in each category is the project with the highest total score received after summing up the scores for each criterion from all members of the Expert Council.
7.2. In the event of an equal score between two or more Participants of the Award and if the Winner of the Award cannot be determined, the Organizers of the Award reserve the right to determine the Winner among the Participants who received the same number of points at the discretion of the Organizers. The Organizers’ decision is final and is not subject to challenge (appeal).
7.3. Information about the voting results shall not be made public prior to the Award Ceremony.

8. Gala Ceremony for the Award Winners
8.1. Award Winners will be announced and honored at the Award Ceremony.
8.2. The Winners will receive an award set separately in each category.

9. Contact information
9.1. Official e-mail address (for resolving any issues related to the terms and conditions, the procedure, and other information about the Award): award@culturaonline.ru