Multogram Animation Studio


Infotainment media project of the Russian Multogram studio for youth. A distinctive feature of the project is creation of humorous animated web series.

More than 30 episodes of web series about history and literature have been produced as part of the socially significant MultiZnanya project: “Multirature”, “Multi-History”, “Multi-Cosmos”, “Multi-Geography” in the popular “Edutainment” format – learning through fun.
The goal of the project is to popularize history and literature among young people with the help of content on the Internet. Cartoons are created using two-dimensional graphics. Each episode is a short humorous retelling of a literary work or a short humorous narrative about significant historical figures or events in Russia. An episode lasts for 1 to 5 minutes. Vladimir Fedorov is the inspirational leader and director of the project. The main voice of the project is Evgeny Rybov who is well recognized by young people. Calart-style animation of the project resembles the world’s popular animated series.
The most famous web series are “Multirature” and “Multi-Cosmos”, for which the authors were awarded the national Patriot prize, the medal of the International Academy of Arts, a special prize of Tsiolkovsky International Film Festival. In two years, web series of MultiZnanya project were shown at more than 30 film and animation festivals. Web series of MultiZnanya project are broadcast in Multogram project social media, as well as in IVI, Kinopoisk, KION, and ОККО online movie theatres. In the future, the project will expand to the release of new seasons and launch of new animated series.

- How do you manage to come up with such insightful scenarios and make cartoons so easy and fun for the audience? Share your secret.

Thank you! Probably, the secret is our team. Talented young people are working in the project. The director and screenwriters have been writing for TV and Internet for more than 10 years. Everyone who works on music and sound are top youth professional in the field. As for animators, they are our youngest (from 18 and up). So – we’re young, and we’re making the content we want to watch.

- You have launched “Multi-Geography” project. You told about Yugra in it. What other Russian cities do you plan to highlight? Are you planning to cover only Russian cities or cities from other countries as well?

Yes, we have released the 1st episode funded by the Yugra Governor’s Grant, which we won in the Vyshka contest. We watched the episode and decided that so far it is “Multi-Geography” that we like the best! Besides, the episode has already gathered more than a million views in our social media, which also makes a difference. We really want to make a season about Russian cities and are actively looking for funding. World cities are also in the plans, but first and foremost, the goal of our projects is to show off Russia! Moreover, after the Yugra episode, the subscribers have asked to tell about their cities, not cities of the world. At the same time, we have already released 2 seasons of Multirature and are ready for a season of “Foreign Multirature”, because it was very much requested by the audience. We have already developed episode synopses for the season.

- What are your plans for the future? Are you planning to create projects like “MultiSport” or “MultiMusic”?

How did you guess about sports and music?! First, of course, we still have a lot to tell in the new seasons of Multirature (for example, we are developing a season about Golden Age and Foreign Multirature), Multi-History (the Centuries season has been developed, we will show the events of each century), we would like very much to have the Multi-Cosmos Season 2 (about our other astronaut geniuses, inventions, acting cosmonauts), and Multi-Geography Season 1. And secondly, in the development of Multi-Sport, we have already come up with separate areas in sports! Also in development are Multi-Music, Multi-Fin (financial literacy), and Multi-Matics. And that’s all about Russia at first, and then we’ll start with the world! There’s a lot of work to do! If only we had a funding partner to do all that.