Today you don’t have to leave home to connect to beautiful things. Technology is developing rapidly, there are many innovative projects. Modern art allows us, with the help of a computer or phone, to be at a concert, in a museum, at the theatre, at an exhibition in a virtual space.

“Culture Online” is a portal that gathers innovative cultural projects in the digital environment on a single resource. We present to you 5 digital projects from residents of our portal with an immersive effect.

Sonorum Scientia VR music channel

On the YouTube channel, the collective creates a VR library of unique recordings of VR concerts and musical excursions. The spatial sound and immersive effect carry the spectator deep into the atmosphere of the concert. The viewer can get to the stage during the performance, follow the musicians’ playing technique, see their sheet music, and look at the audience from different sides of the auditorium.

Virtual travel around the exhibitions

You become a participant of the exhibition and can go anywhere you want. You can see all the works of art from every angle. The website offers a wide variety of programs and venues, including the Alvar Aalto Library, the Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Stieglitz Academy, I. I. Brodsky museum-apartment, Tsarskoselskaya Collection museum, Vyborg United Museum-Reserve, State Academic Chapel of Saint-Petersburg, Marble Palace, Hermitage-Vyborg exhibition centre, and many others.

Virtual games in 360 VR format about the history of Chersonesos

The game takes the viewer to Tauric Chersonesos. With the help of modern technology, the player can walk around the ancient city and test his or her knowledge of history by answering quiz questions. This format provides an easy and engaging way to introduce visitors to the iconic monuments of architecture, the facts of its history and discovered artifacts.

Theatre in 360° New Look

The performance filmed on a high-tech 360-degree camera transports the viewer directly to the stage. You become one of the participants in the performance, capable of looking closely at the scenery, going backstage or moving freely around the stage. The presence effect allows you to watch the action from the protagonist’s point of view. You can see and feel his every move. This format provides maximum immersion into the atmosphere of the theatre.

“Gogol’s City” hall of virtual excursions

An online museum consisting of 7 rooms devoted to interpretations of the works by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol in the Russian avant-garde of the 1920s. The project works in the format of a browser game. The user entering the tour chooses an avatar, matches it with clothes and an image, and walks freely around the space. The tours take place in real time. All guests can hear the guide and each other, and can ask questions and exchange impressions.