How to instill the love for books in teenagers? What needs to be done to make a child interested in history or geography? The media project “Multi-Knowledge”, the winner of the Culture Online International Award”, will answer these questions. In 2022, this team won the Russian Cultural Foundation Special Prize. The creative team shoots web cartoon series, in which literature, history, geography and other fields of knowledge are told about in the light and humorous form. The cartoons are shot in the format of “edutainment” – learning through entertainment. The timing of each episode is up to 5 minutes. The “Multi-Knowledge” project is divided into several units:





Each episode of “Multirature” is short humorous narration of a classic literary work. At the end of each episode, the comic outcome of the plot is given, and the narrator encourages the audience to independently check by reading the book, whether this was really the case.

“Multi-History” is short stories about historical figures’ life and work. The viewer will find fascinating cartoons about Peter I, Catherine II, Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Lomonosov and other significant figures of Russia. Each film motivates teenagers to study history.

“Multi-Cosmos” is the unit that tells about heroes of the national cosmonautics. In the video, you will learn about the life and achievements of such personalities as: Sergey Korolev, Yuri Gagarin, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Nikolai Pilyugin and other great scientists. Each cartoon arouses the child’s interest, and contributes to independent studies of astronomy and space.

“Multi-Geography” tells about Russian cities, their territories, culture, traditions and attractions. Viewers will learn what the cities are famous for, what natural resources they are rich in, what historical events take place in them.

According to the author of the “Multi-Knowledge” project, producer Maria Fedorova, in future, there will be new cartoons to tell about sports, music and other subjects and fields of knowledge. In the interview for Culture Online, Maria shared the secrets of success and answered the questions, “How to create and promote a digital project in the field of culture?”

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