"Multogram" Animation Studio


A comic web series based on literary works.

Each episode of an eye-catching cartoon is a brief and funny retelling of a literary work, but with an open ending. In the end of the cartoon, there is a joke-like end of the plot, and the narrator calls for the viewers to check whether it was the same in the book by reading it themselves. Duration: 1 to 4 minutes.
"Mulrirature" is a part of a large educational and entertainment media project "MultiKnowledge". Lately, the young people tend to spend much time on the Internet and are displaying direct antagonism or passive rejection of the culture of "reading", of the moral paragons and standards that are significant for their social surrounding. Short comic cartoons in the social media are popular in the modern world, and the "Multirature" web series helps not only entertain the audience, but attract their attention to the great Russian and international literature and reading of books. The main focus is on the classics of the school literature. 2 seasons (21 episodes) have already been implemented. The second season was resumed and on air from April to August 2022, managing to gain 2,500,000 views in the official social media of "Multogram" Studio. In total, all episodes of the cartoon series were viewed more than 7 million times.
In 2021, the project participated in the Innovation in Education Contest and was presented at festivals not only in Russia, but in the USA, Italy and England! Short-list of the "Patriot-2021" National Award, the Silver Prize at the international contest "Art Excellence Awards-2021". In 2022, the "Fathers and Children" episode made it to the Top-10 Best Web-Series of the Realist Web Series Festival. It was also selected to the contest program of such international festivals as: the "Animur" International Animation Film Festival, the «Big Cartoon Festival» (an international animation festival), Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions @PinewoodStudios. The main idea is to make a series of entertaining short cartoons for social media with brief comic retellings of Russian literary works as their main plots. The goal of the project is to get the young generation interested in the Russian classic literature, to instill the desire to read books through the easy comic form of a cartoon.

How to come up with a cool idea of the project about culture online?

A new book about Harry Potter was released and I was uncertain whether I wanted to read it or not. I thought then how great it would have been if there had been a short modern retelling or a trailer to intrigue me, so that I would want to read the book. There was nothing like that, so I decided to do it myself! That’s why I’m sure that any cool idea is the one its author needs! It means someone else needs it as well! "Multirature" is not just brief retelling. The goal of Multirature is to make someone who dislikes reading see it in the Internet, laugh and think, "What a cool piece of writing, I’m gonna go read it!". We promote fashion for reading and popularize the Russian literature.

What was the most difficult thing about your project?

In our times, the most popular content is hype, goofy one. In comparison to it, any other content will be lost in terms of views and recommendations, or any other place where the audience might see it. So, the most challenging thing is to promote useful entertaining content. However, we manage just fine: we are present in all social media, at festivals, in online movie theaters: Kion, Kinopoisk, Ivi, and so on.

Why are the projects like yours needed, what is their value for people?

Its valuables are the effect and the useful end goal the project is seeking. Our project is not about hype, it’s useful and relevant at any time. Its value is promotion of the Russian culture, literature through the entertaining animation content in the Internet among the youth. The "Multirature" web-series is a part of "MultiKnowledge", our large media project, and after "Multirature" we went further: currently we have released 2 more web-series – "MultiSpace" and "MultiHistory", and in the autumn we will present another one, "MultiGeography".