According to the theory of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the personality archetype implies innate human behavior. This is the set of properties and features, which we are born with. It is the hereditary model embedded in us that determines our behavior, actions, priorities, thinking and other psychological aspects. Knowing your archetype, you will understand the structure of the mental matrix by which you make decisions in a given situation. For example, you can:

– understand motivation of your actions and reactions,

– learn more about strengths and weaknesses of your archetype,

– learn to manage your behavior, fears and emotions.

The digital project “Jung’s Twelve Friends”, the winner of the Culture Online International Award will help you to find out your archetype. Its authors, the Russian News Agency TASS, have won in the nomination “Best Educational Project” this year. This is a series of podcasts consisting of 13 audio recordings telling in detail about all archetypes reflected in the world culture: Innocent, Warrior, Orphan (or Nice Guy), Caregiver, Trickster, Rebel, Lover, Creator, Sage, Ruler, Magician, Explorer. For each series, the unique musical frame has been generated, creating the archetype mood. The timing of every release is about 40 minutes.

In each podcast, the presenter (actor Anar Khalilov), together with experts, analyzes one image. Among the experts, there are psychotherapists, cultural scientists, marketers and representatives of other professions. The project authors look for traces of archetypes in the works of world culture from myths to modern blockbusters, and analyze all the milestones of a character’s dramatic development, following so-called “hero’s path”. Listeners will embark on the exciting journey: they will go from the child’s prototype to the most mature one, reflecting what archetypes lurk in the depths of the unconscious, and how they manifest themselves in everyday life.

Besides “Jung’s Twelve Friends”, the Culture Online portal presents several more unusual and entertaining projects of the TASS agency. Kristina Nedkova, the head of the TASS special projects, told us more about them in the interview.

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