We introduce in detail projects of the winners of the Culture Online International Award to visitors of the portal. We present to your attention the awardee in the nomination “Cultural Gamification”“The Book Renaissance “Exhibition 360””. The authors of the project, the Don State Public Library from Rostov-on-Don, came up with the idea of touching masterpieces of world literature (late 19th and early 20th centuries) in the online format. The team has created digital duplicates of 6 most popular and recognizable publications from the collection of its library. Copies are developed using photogrammetry technology (Meshroom) and the game engine (Unity).

Duplicates created:

  • “The Bible, or the Sacred Books of the Old and New Testaments”, with 230 figures by Gustave Dore.
  • “Grand Ducal, Royal and Imperial Hunting in Russia”, historical essay by Nikolai Kutepov. Illustrated by Professor V.M. Vasnetsov
  • “Biblia Zlota Klasykow” (“The Bible is the Gold of the Classics”), the Bible in Polish.
  • “History and Monuments of Byzantine Enamel”, the monument of Russian typographic art of the late 19th century.
  • Anniversary historical and artistic edition in memory of “The 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanov Imperial House”.
  • “Oberon”, a fairy tale poem. Wieland C.M. Oberon. Ein romantisches Heldengedicht in zwölf Gesängen.
  •  Viewing of publications is available both offline, when visiting the library, by using electronic kiosks, and online – via the computer or the gadget.

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