We continue to get you acquainted with awardees of the Culture Online International Award. We present to you the project of the Donetsk Republican Art Museum “Classics and Modernity”, which won “The Special Jury Prize ”For dedication to culture”. By their example, the team demonstrated why it is so important to maintain the contacts between the generations, taking care of the heritage of the creators of the past.

The organizers have developed the project to give young talents from Donetsk access to classical art. The museum invited contemporary artists to be inspired by paintings from the stock collection and create their own canvas. The collection of the Donetsk Republican Art Museum is about 16 thousand works, among which there are works by famous masters, such as: Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Serov, Kustodiev. Offering to take as the base an artistic canvas from the collections, the authors help young creators improve their mastery and hone their skills of drawing technique.

The project engages the public in the field of art, reminds of museums that have not lost their relevance, and can offer people a lot of new things. Each video release is accompanied by the reference note not only about the creative area and the new picture designed, but also about the main work that was chosen as the base.