State Tretyakov Gallery All-Russian Museum Association


The mission of the project is to make Russian art and the Tretyakov Gallery collection popular. It is achieved, inter alia, through the possibility of personal participation in the development of the museum's collection.

My Tretyakov Gallery is a project calling for exploring and complementing the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery. The core of the project is a virtual gallery with digitized works of art from the museum's collection.
Pictures are accompanied by unique annotations compiled specifically for the site by researchers and curators of the museum. To start with, 2000 digitized works of art have been selected, half of which have already been open sourced to all users by the general sponsor of the project — the Mir national payment system. Project participants will be opening successively the rest of the art works. My Tretyakov Gallery suggests that users open previously unpublished online art works from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery by donating money that go to the endowment fund. Endowment earnings are used to replenish the Gallery's collection. Project creators intend to digitize the museum's collection and thereby give everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with Russian art from anywhere in the world. Works of art are collected, investigated and preserved in the Tretyakov Gallery. Project is also designed to unite, rally and form a new community of people who are eager for knowledge, enthusiastic and committed, and who think that involvement with the cultural heritage of Russia is important. Moreover, My Tretyakov Gallery gives a possibility for regular development of the museum's collection through donations that go to its endowment fund.
Tretyakov Gallery collection today numbers more than 200 thousand works of fine art created from the XI century to the present days and continues to increase. My Tretyakov Gallery project is to contribute to this process. Digital versions of the exhibits from the Tretyakov Gallery collection have been posted on the website made for the purpose of this project. They include both well-known pieces of art as well as those that have never been posted online before. User donations go to the endowment fund of the Tretyakov Gallery. Thereby opening a masterpiece, platform visitor continues the legacy of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov, who bestowed their collection upon their contemporaries and descendants. Money received as the interest for the fund trust management will be annually used to purchase some works of art for the museum's collection. Program participants will be notified on the articles of expenditure. Moreover, they will be able to vote for one of the art works selected by the Gallery's experts. Therefore, you get an opportunity to explore the museum's collection online and to have a role in its posting. You can also donate to the gallery's endowment and participate in the annual voting on the new acquisitions for the Gallery's collection.