Artteam: event of mutual creating of VR art

Guye art House

Регион: Иран, Тегеран, Иран, Tehran

A VR event in which two artists create a mutual artwork in virtual reality

1. Introducing the potentialities and opportunities of emerging technologies to the art community of Iran and Russia 2. Delivering the message of peace, humanitarian interest, and artistic consideration to the world 3. Catch the interest of the public sphere for digital art’s importance and potential

XR technologies create some new spaces and creative ways for artists such as new brand markets, innovative methods to communicate with other artists, or creating art in virtual or augmented spheres, etc. Guye Art House tends to hold an artistic event in which some of those potentialities will be realized. In this event named “artteam”, in ArtDubai art fair, Alireza Asanloo, an Iranian artist will collaborate with a Russian artist (the name will be announced), to create artwork in Vr Space. The space will be created by Iranian 3D artists based on the cultural elements of both countries. All the processes will be streaming live on YouTube, Yndex, Without, and other traditional and VR UGC platforms.