Applications for the third Culture Online international award will be accepted starting August 1. Applications are accepted on the “Culture Online” digital educational project’s website until September 23, 2022. The Culture Online International Award is organized by the Russian Cultural Foundation.

Culture, being a fundamental element in the development of any society, falls under the influence of technological progress and, of course, digitalization. In many cases, it is the trigger behind technological development. Digital art or new media art brings together infinite works created with or influenced by computers, gadgets, software, and communication networks; these tools help cultural institutions effectively and quickly incorporate digital technology into their work.

In 2022, the award will be handed out to the best projects in the field of culture in 8 categories. Projects must be implemented online or using IT technology starting October 16, 2021, until the present.

Cultural institutions, creative unions, public organizations, associations, bloggers and other organizations that have implemented their projects in the cultural field are invited to participate.

The Best Online Project category will feature a significant project from the music, theater, or film industry. The Best Collaboration is a unique opportunity to present an online project in the field of culture, implemented by two or more companies or combining online and offline formats. The Best IT Solution for the Cultural Sphere nomination will select the worthiest project using Blockchain technology or a project implemented with the help of artificial intelligence or VR/AR technology.

Blogs about art and culture can be nominated for the Best Social Media Campaign. Digital exhibitions and other similar projects will be considered for the award.

The Best Education and Outreach Project nomination plays an important role, contributing to the digitalization of culture and the introduction of the latest technology and, thus, the development of creative industries as a significant trend in the XXI century economy. Education and outreach projects that offer online lectures, master classes, training courses, programs, etc., are eligible for the award.

Broadcasts became a powerful tool for interacting with subscribers, so the organizing committee decided to hold the Best Livestreaming Project nomination for the first time. A project showcasing cultural events in real-time from the venue via the Internet is eligible for the award. The Cultural Gamification category will feature the best mobile app, computer game or online game related to culture.

A Special Prize from the Russian Cultural Foundation was also announced this year – the Russian Cultural Foundation will choose the winner in this nomination out of all the projects submitted for the award.

In 2 years, 687 projects were submitted from more than 20 countries and 50 regions of Russia.

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About the project:
The Russian Cultural Foundation is a National Public-State Organization in the field of culture and art. Dozens of new regional museums were established, hundreds of all-Union and international exhibitions, festivals, concerts and competitions were held, unique literary treasures were published, and periodicals were launched in many regions of the country with the support of the Foundation. An extensive regional network of branches and representative offices allows the Foundation to carry out cultural and educational activities throughout the Russian Federation. Every year the Foundation allocates grants in various fields of art, supporting theatrical, publishing, musical and educational activities. The Russian Cultural Foundation is an operator of cultural and educational programs for schools, the national project “Culture,” and the federal project “Creative People.” The Foundation is an important public institution influencing the state’s cultural policy.