319 applications from 53 regions of Russia, as well as Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Switzerland, have been submitted on the culturaonline.ru website of the digital educational project of the Russian Cultural Foundation.

35 finalists in 7 nominations were selected under the chairmanship of Yuri Bashmet, violist, conductor, People’s Artist of the USSR and the Russian Federation. Other jury members are Elena Golovnina, director general of the Russian Culture Foundation; Sergey Mikhailov, director general of TASS, director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts; Marina Loshak, Director General of the Russian National Museum of Music; Mikhail Bryzgalov, Director General of MASTERS school; Polina Bondareva, founder of NFT-art platform Masters Digital; Alexander Tsypkin, writer, author of several bestsellers, scriptwriter, founder of the literary and theatrical project “Unprincipled Readings.”

      The list of finalists of the Culture Online 2022 international award includes:

Best Online Project 2022:

  1. “Remember where it all began”, by the State Museum-Reserve “Chersonesos Taurica” (with the support of the State Hermitage Museum).
  2. “Accessibility Squad”, by the Association of Creators of Inclusive Media Projects Life in the Dark.
  3. “VKontakte Museum Night 2022”,by the VK social network.
  4. “In-depth Conversation”, by the State Historical Museum.
  5. “Teen Art awards”, by the “art.coordinate” Foundation for the Support and Development of Contemporary Art.


Best Collaboration

  1. “#Behind the scenes with Culture.RU, MAMT, VK Clips”, by Culture.RU, MAMT, VK Clips.
  2. “Relay of Kindness-2021 all-Russian festival”, by the St. Petersburg State Special Central Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
  3. “Dialogues about Art. A podcast for the hearing impaired”, by the Language Without Borders Educational Center, VTB Bank, and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
  4. “Opera of the Digital Era contest-festival”, by the St. Petersburg Seasons Autonomous Nonprofit Organization.
  5. “My Tretyakov Gallery”, by the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Mir payment system.


Best IT solution for the Cultural Sector

  1. “Blockade routes”, by Culture Otherwise Autonomous Nonprofit Organisation.
  2. “Digitalization of Art Objects 4ART”, by4ARTechnologies AG.
  3. “Transition educational project”, by CVT CG.
  4. “The Amber Room. VR”, by the State Museum-Reserve Tsarskoe Selo (with the support of PJSC Gazprom).
  5. “VR Worlds as a Guide to the World of Art”, by Interactive LLC.


 Best Social Media Campaign

  1. “Mikhail Vrubel’s Universe”, by the State Russian Museum.
  2. “Russia. Roads of Civilizations exhibition”, by the State Historical Museum.
  3. “The Channel of Museum Caretaker Antonina Ilyinichna”, by the Russian National Museum of Music.
  4. “Cultural Guide to the Sverdlovsk region”, by the Information portal Culture-Ural.ru.
  5. “Dostoevsky Lectorium”, by the Education Center “Modern Lectorium.”


Best Education and Outreach Project

  1. “Jung’s Twelve Friends”, by the TASS News Agency.
  2. “Exploring the City in Pictures, Maps, and Locations”, by the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall.
  3. “Youth. Conversations about Art”, by the Hermitage XXI Century Foundation.
  4. “Multi-knowledge”, by the animation studio “Multogram.”
  5. “SMM in Culture” online training by Theoricon Center for the Development of Contemporary Art of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra.


Best Livestreaming Project

  1. “Dyagilev. 150. Dedication Concert”, by the Russian Seasons International Cultural Project and the State Russian Museum.
  2. “Cantata International Festival of Classical Music”, by the Festival Directorate Autonomous Non-Profit Organization.
  3. Live broadcast of the world premiere of the ballet “Alice”, by the Musical Theater of the Republic of Karelia.
  4. “Urals Music Night festival”, by the Association of Musicians of the Urals.
  5. “Global Values movie”, by the Innopraktika and Russian Seasons School.


Cultural Gamification

  1. “Virtual KANT: gamification of the learning process”, by the Cathedral State Autonomous Cultural Institution of the Kaliningrad Region.
  2. “Living Word”, by the Lock On Games creative union.
  3. “Book Renaissance Exhibition 360”, by the Don State Public Library.
  4.  “Nuremberg: VRdict of Nations”, by Rossiya Segodnya International media group.
  5. “Amber Forest”, by the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum State Budgetary Institution of Culture.


The award organizer will also honor the winner in the “Special Prize of the Russian Culture Foundation” category.

The award ceremony will be broadcast on November 15 at 17:00 Moscow time on the official website of the Culture Online award: culturaonline.ru.

The Culture Online International Award is organized by the Russian Culture Foundation.


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