In August 2023, the Culture Online International Award announced the call for applications from digital project creators, bloggers, creative unions and cultural associations worldwide. Initially, the deadline for accepting applications was scheduled for September 22, 2023, but at the request of the participants, the organizing committee decided to extend the deadline for submitting applications until October 1 inclusive.

Future contestants now have an extra week to boldly announce their projects. Applications are accepted on the official website of the Culture Online Award.

Since 2020, the Award has only expanded geographically, with new talented artists and cultural figures joining each year. The Online Culture Award attracted participants’ attention from Austria, Singapore, Mexico, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and many others. This makes the Culture Online Award one of the most prominent competitive events of recent years.

The Award winners will be determined by an expert panel of judges based on several criteria: audience reach, innovation, user experience, scalability and cultural value.

The organizing committee may award individual contestants with the Special Prize of the Russian Cultural Foundation and the Special Jury Prize based on the evaluation of their works.

Moreover, in 2023, an influential partner, the VK Community Relations Department, joined the award, which, in turn, will also recognize the finalists and winners.

The award ceremony will be broadcast on November 15 on the official website of the Culture Online award: