The project is the collaboration of the museum, the scientific community of Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk, combining jewelry art and knowledge about space.

“You Are Just Space!” is an educational project to be implemented on the basis of the Amber Museum collection. It combined the products created by jewelers and stonecutters, using the cosmicity of the interior landscapes of Baltic amber or obeying the universal aspiration to explore the outer space.
The project was conceived to popularize the collection and knowledge about the outer space exploration. The project curators, Science Secretary I.A. Krivonos and the methodologist for museum and educational activities M.V. Medvedeva, together with the junior researcher from IZMIRAN, a member of the Astronomical Community of I. Kant Baltic Federal University (BFU), prepared 26 descriptions of basic concepts from the field of space research, such as the Big Bang Theory, planet formation, satellites, observatories, solar prominences, etc. A product with a similar name or the same one corresponded to each description. The exhibition with descriptions was presented on the museum’s website and on the IZITravel platform.
In addition to the exhibition, Alexander Matveev, one of the best videographers, artists-photographers of the Kaliningrad Region, together with the exhibition curator I.A. Krivonos videotaped the excursion telling about the products themselves, which were created in different years by artists from various countries. The partner of the project was the Atomic Energy Information Center (ICAE) in Kaliningrad, which invited Dmitry Epstein, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, researcher at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), the Head of the Astronomy Club, for giving the lecture “Hardware in Space” about unmanned spacecrafts. The stream lecture was held on April 24 on the ICAE website. In anticipation of the exhibition, the IZITravel platform posted the bicycle quest on “cosmic” places of Kaliningrad “Intermuseum Race 4: Go!”.