Belgrade Drama Theater, Arhangel Production



The popular show is broadcasted with ten cameras straight from the Big Stage. The show was available on the air to be viewed all across the world with Russian and English subtitles.

The Belgrade Drama Theater arranged a historical event. For the first time in the region, one of the most popular shows, «When Pumpkins Blossomed», was broadcast live straight from our Big Stage. The show was available for viewing all across the world, and anyone could buy tickets.
The Russian and English subtitles were available via special links for viewing. The show was broadcast live from the Big Stage, and any viewer could watch it directly from home using any device. Thanks to our partner Arhangel Digital, the production was shot with ten cameras transmitting the image on air through a reporter van. About 100 professionals and 40 actors on stage participated in the event.
The project idea was born out of a need to provide our fellow countrymen abroad an opportunity to see one of the greatest pieces of the Serbian literature turned into a theatrical production that has been drawing a full house for over six years. Also, there was an appeal to do something no one in the region had dared before we did. For the entire world to see and to hear the production of the Belgrade Drama Theater, almost like a film.