MUK “CSDB of the city of Yaroslavl” children’s library-branch No. 5



Humanity cannot survive without its responsible attitude to nature. This online project contributes to formation of this attitude via acquaintance with modern children’s literature.

Every year man faces more and more environmental problems, human activity affects the environment condition and disappearance of many species of living beings. The task for adults is to form responsible attitude to nature and humane attitude to animals in children from their early age. This, as well as acquaintance with modern books, is facilitated by events developed by librarians within the framework of the Live Book Online project.
The project turned into forced transition from events in the library to online events. 2017 was declared the year of ecology, and then the librarians developed this project. Attending the events, children got acquainted with the wildlife and nature of Russia.
Since 2020, participants were supposed to get acquainted with the wildlife of other regions, with books on environmental topics, but new events in the format of live communication had to be replaced with online ones. The library staff tried to create informative and entertaining content for children of preschool and primary school age.