KUKFO Theatre


A project about the backstage of a puppet theatre, plays and the people who create them.

KUKFO (Kukolny Format, «Puppet Format») Theatre and Gonzo Design Studio have created a virtual puppet game project called Talk to the Puppet. This project helps audiences and theatre partners build a relevant connection between the ancient, traditional art of the puppeteer and the modern media environment. In the format of a virtual puppet play, the viewer interacts directly with the theatre in a playful way. After choosing your puppet guide, you travel around the theatre: its backstage, workshop and stage; talk to actors, other puppet colleagues and the audience; help prepare for the play, collect things, as well as watch the play through the eyes of the characters and actors. «Talk to the Puppet» project gives the theatre company an opportunity to go beyond the borders of a theatre in St. Petersburg into an accessible digital space, introduces a new audience which does not normally have access to quality theatre performances and art education, and presents a puppet theatre as an engaging and relevant format. As part of the program of organizational development and digital transformation in the aftermath of the pandemic, the KUKFO Theatre implemented a cultural and educational project of a virtual interactive game «Talk to the Puppet». This project helps audiences and theatre partners build a relevant connection between the traditional art and the modern media environment and opens up new possibilities for the theatre in the digital space.
Project goals: to create a multimedia project that brings KUKFO Theatre into the digital space in the era of the pandemic, expanding its audience and giving people all over Russia access to quality content about art in an innovative game form. Project tasks: - to think through the ideological, textual and visual concept of the project based on existing theatre performances; - to interview actors, creators, audiences and partners of the theatre; - to develop multimedia content (photos, video, audio) about theatre objects, performances, infrastructure and materials; - to develop interactive mechanics and animations for interaction with users of different age groups; - to develop a project multimedia interactive virtual product; - to conduct an offline presentation with significant stakeholders in the field of digital transformation of cultural institutions and media; - to conduct peer-to-peer discussions; - to create and implement a media campaign to promote the project.