The Institute of Philology and Language Communication of the Siberian Federal University


A joint project of SibFU students and the Krasnoyarsk Surikov Estate Museum presents digital stories related to the artist's heritage and the context of Siberian culture.

These projects were created both as part of classroom classes (with participation in the "Space of Participation" program with the support of the National Research University Higher School of Economics Centre for Digital Cultures and Media Literacy) and as part of the final qualifying works of the bachelor's degree program.
Surikov. The Digital Biography project was prepared as part of the XV Winter Surikov Art Festival and includes two audio guides (for adults and for children), a map of Surikov places in Krasnoyarsk and a screen-life series about the biography of the artist. All this is posted in a special web application created by students. The series is recorded on the screens of mobile devices: the artist and his loved ones communicate in messengers, call Uber and post photos in social networks. "Life next door to the Museum" is a story about the dwellers of the wing of the museum—estate of V.I. Surikov. The project authors talk about the construction of a house and meet with a Krasnoyarsk family whose members have lived in the wing for almost half a century. "Russia through Surikov's Eyes" is an interactive map of the artist's travels in Russia. Each point is associated with Surikov's paintings or sketches. As additional extensions to the project, the students made a walking game and launched an Instagram account of the artist's trips. Surikov—Siberia is a podcast project about the artist and the five components of Siberian life. The project specifics is that it is made in the tradition of forming the cultural geo-brand "Siberia" through the thematic blocks "Siberian dialect", "cuisine", "diversity of cultures", "gender history", as well as "cultural heritage".
"Surikov. Access Point" is a typhloaudioguide on the canvases of the painter: an inclusive audio tour for blind and visually impaired people on the permanent exhibition of the museum—estate of V.I. Surikov. This audio guide consists of 18 detailed paintings from the museum collection, which will allow people with visual impairment to get acquainted with works of art by ear. Goal: Popularization of V.I. Surikov's heritage in the context of Siberian culture through the creation of digital multimedia online products Tasks: - To identify the unique and attractive components of the image of V.I. Surikov as a Siberian artist for the audience; - Create digital products for several target groups, including people with disabilities; - Present the artist's legacy through various digital platforms.