Moscow Agency of Innovations


Summer October is a cultural and educational project for the citizens and guests of Moscow about places to get a new knowledge, experience and impressions on the summer weekends of 2021.

Headliner and program's center of attraction is the Start Hub technological area at the Red October Factory. Since the end of May, more than 3.5 thousand people have participated in the Summer October cultural and educational project.
Self-sufficient infrastructure of the Red October made it possible to present dozens of weekend tours in one place as part of the project. Anyone could use an interactive landing page to "build" their own route comprising scientific lectures, public talks, film shows, workouts, stand-up comedy shows, exhibitions, installations and musical performances. On September 11, on Moscow City Day, the most popular activities of Summer October were introduced in the center of Moscow.
Partners, founders and managers of Soft Skills Hub, the First Women's Academy and Success Rockets participated in TEDx talks speaking about their entrepreneurial experience. Participants could also do networking yoga for deep relaxation and recuperation after a working week, take part in a training session on the effective use of the actor's skills in business and personal life, in the "Lost" theatrical tour and see stand-up comedians telling about their escapades home and at work.