VKontakte Clip Team



ÖMANKÖ has released a capsule collection that can be "revived" in VKontakte Clips.

The media portal has released new clothes for the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. The line will be exclusively presented at the event. Every visitor will be able to "give life" to her on a social network: it's enough to point the smartphone camera at the print.
The ÖMANKÖ capsule collection, created for connoisseurs of modern art, includes minimalist hoodies, T-shirts and shoppers in black and white. They are accompanied by a postcard with a QR code: if you click on it, the AR effect in the "Clips" will start.
The purpose: Develop an AR effect that opens when the camera is pointed at the print. Taking into account the change of the location of the fair, display this change in the effect.