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The novel by A. Ivanov was first released in the format of an audio series. A large-scale postmodern novel about the war with Nazi Germany and the war with the Teutonic Order, about love and damnation, about eternal plots and sacred secrets. The novel is about how the Devil makes history, folding it into a ring.

"Shadows of the Teutons" is a grandiose postmodern canvas and audio series that weaves together time, space and the lives of the heroes. Pillau. East Prussia. 1945. The war is over. The ancient city lies in ruins. One Pole hiding from the Germans is looking for an ancient artifact related to the secrets of the Teutonic Order. At the same time, the last forces of the Wehrmacht are hiding in the catacombs, having discovered a mysterious relic…
Marienburg Castle. XV century. Prussia. The world is mired in obscurantism. The Teutonic Order, like a spider, has entwined the lands of Livonia and Prussia with an invisible web. The young novice hates the order with all his heart, where he is at the will of his father, and decides to encroach on the secret shrine of the Teutons: the sword of Satan. And on the path of wrath, he finds an ally far more powerful than any order on earth.…
Five hundred years. One legendary sword. And the forces of evil gathering around him. The dark shadows of the past threaten to engulf the heroes, involving them in a cruel plan of dark forces. The mystical threads of the long past entangle Pillau, and the two epochs converge into one… Rethinking attitudes to war and historical enlightenment