Municipal Autonomous Cultural Institution “Cherepovets Museum Association”



Museum of poet Alexander Bashlachev in online format. The exhibitions immerse the viewer into the institution and give ample opportunity to study it on screen.

In 2020, Alexander Bashlachev would have turned 60. For this important date, the team of the Cherepovets Museum Association with support of the poet’s family and financial help from sponsors was preparing the opening of an unusual exhibition in the format of an audiovisual performance. Their thorough work resulted in systematizing many invaluable materials, including those that had not previously been published elsewhere. Some of them have found their place in the physical museum, and they are presented in their entirety at https://александрбашлачев.рф.
One of the main creative outputs of the project was a video for Bashlachev’s song “Like the Autumn Winds...”. The song got a new sounding thanks to the assistance of the famous Russian musician Mikhail Bashakov. Illustrations for the updated musical material were prepared by the Ufa artist Alexei Motavin, a great admirer of the poet’s work. Animation was done by Cherepovets specialists.
Real and virtual museums of the Cherepovets rock poet will complement each other. The project combining the exhibition and the Internet space will show Alexander from the viewpoint of his relatives and friends, and give a wide audience an opportunity to connect to Bashlachev’s works and define his role in the development of national culture. The virtual museum project is the winner of the Common Cause competition, part of the Effective Philanthropy program of Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.