Novosibirsk Musical Theater


Official online radio of the Novosibirsk Musical Theater. Radio channel broadcasts classical music, operettas, musicals, musical comedies, jazz, retro music and world music hits 24/7.

One can also listen to thematic series and programs, performances of the Novosibirsk Musical Theater, announcements and interviews with creative personalities of the theater. Radio station started its broadcasting on April 22, 2009. In 2018, MUZKOM Radio became the winner of the Offstage Awards in marketing and audience relations in the category "Best Theater's In-House Media".
For over 12 years and 24 hours a day, editors of the Novosibirsk Musical Theater online radio have been on the same wave with admirers of such beautiful music as classical music, jazz, masterpieces of world musical theater, musicals, operettas, romances and film music. Radio hosts - theater employees - meet with listeners on the Open Studio live, talk about theater news in the program, give away complimentary theater tickets in the "Ticket for Answer" feature, broadcast audio-plays of the Novosibirsk Musical Theater. Since 2019, broadcasting has been run from a special studio equipped inside the building of the Novosibirsk Musical Theater.
Online project has repeatedly participated in the Vmeste Media ("Media Together") competition. "Siberia" Stage. Programs were included in the shortlists of the Vmeste Media fest in the categories "Talk Show" and "Themed Program". In the spring of 2021, Muzkom Radio was ranked the fifth in rating "Top 50 Best Internet Radio 2021". Radio station was noted by well-known theater critics. Valery Kichin (Rossiyskaya Gazeta): "... The only classical music radio in Russia, Orpheus, apart from FM broadcasting, now has several online channels that release specialized programs on the Internet — symphonic, chamber music, vocals. Citie, print media and even theaters set up Internet radio, for instance, the Novosibirsk Musical Comedy Theater, which broadcasts quite exquisite collections of "light music".


How to come up with an outstanding online cultural project?

The idea of an online cultural project usually comes out of an acute desire to share your interests with like-minded people: good music, performances, literature, painting, favorite art forms. It's about finding a response, getting to know people who live in different countries of the world but share the same interests and tastes with you. This was my case. I am an avid music lover and philophonist (music tapes collector). I have always wanted not only to listen to the best music, but to share it with listeners. In 2009, I got to know about the technical possibility of launching an Internet radio. Since I had an experience of working at various radio stations, I managed to start this project on my own. I received support from the Novosibirsk Musical Theater where I have been working as a vocalist for many years. Online radio obtained its own page on website and it became the official project of the theater.

What hidden pitfalls should be kept in mind?

Continue reading Every online project requires sustained and routine efforts. It means to ensure there's new interesting music, and relevant programs on-air 24/7, to make live broadcasts, deal with technical side (for example, recently we had to transfer all the content of Muzkom radio to a new hosting). In a long-term project, the support of like-minded people, colleagues and users is important (new reviews are always very inspiring).

Why do we need projects like yours? What is their value to people?

Our online radio is valuable for its absolute accessibility: you can listen it for free from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. Music language is universal for all listeners in the world. We have formed a decent universal playlist of classical, jazz, retro music without annoying ads. Radio provides wonderful background music for quiet work, long trips behind the wheel; it can always sound in offices and at home. Social media of Muzkom radio gives like-minded people a possibility to exchange messages, comments, discuss music or programs that they hear.