Evgenia Falkova



Porcelain Seasons Club uniting porcelain and table setting lovers preserves the legacy of porcelain art and awakens interest in the history of porcelain and the aesthetics of everyday popularizing the culture of using vintage tableware as well.

Project creator and ideologist, Evgenia Falkova, brings together an audience that not simply enjoys beautiful dishes and elegant table setting, but also sees numerous stories from the past behind it. The club is in Moscow and St. Petersburg, available online and open to everyone.
Project ideologist got interested in porcelain and tableware with historical background at a flea market when she spontaneously purchased vintage earthenware plate with an unknown marking, origin of which had yet to be found out. This purchase gave Evgenia Falkova a previously unknown sense of belonging to the past and opened up a different sense of history: the desire to learn, study and put antique dinnerware sets in their natural habitat — on dining tables.
Author of the project was mostly interested in the sets from the houses of St. Petersburg, objects of table decoration, culinary recipes of the "Golden Age" of St. Petersburg. That is how the special club appeared, today operating in a variety of formats - lectures by experts, culinary and decoration workshops, educational brunches and meetings with famous people dedicated to food and family and capturing the arts history, literature, etiquette and even economics.