Blogger Alexandra Kachalina (ii_alexandra_ii)



The project highlights topics of culture and art in a simpler way. The blogger talks about current events, exhibitions, sharing her impressions and saying that going to exhibitions alone is not scary. The most important thing in this process is to ask yourself what you like and what you would like to learn.

The project was implemented after “The Laboratory of New Media” was held by Vinzavod, and became a kind of workshop for discussing cultural newsbreaks. At first, the podcast format included three sections: the first part of the release was dedicated to news, the second – to a core big topic (the Bulldozer Exhibition, Meyerhold’s biography, George Costakis’ collection). And in the third part, I advised exhibitions to be visited, online projects (since many galleries have already actively posted content online, and many listeners from the regions, – and there were many of them, – could also use this content and get acquainted with 3D versions of the exhibitions or watch an interesting movie). Soon the format had changed, and I already began to focus on topical themes discussed – from NFT to Serebrennikov’s departure from the position of the GC Head, – considered the situation in the regions. I am very interested in learning about development of cultural institutions, galleries, museums in different cities and towns of Russia. This was one of the reasons why the tourism sector was chosen for scaling projects: here everything is very tightly connected with cultural and educational tourism.
There are no restrictions on participants in the podcast, so I am always open to being invited, and invite friends to take part in it, because in cultural niche podcasts, experts usually participate as invited guests, and my guests are ordinary people, visitors to exhibitions, residents of cities and towns, bloggers – those who directly attend, watch and are an important element in this activity. That is, those for whom all this is created. The project keywords are easy, comprehensible and clear. Art should not frighten people, create cliches that only the limited number of persons can understand it, or those who have prepared in advance, no! It’s all about feelings, associations, emotions and communication.