Socio-Cultural Association of Bolshaya Dzhalga village Municipal Public Institution of Culture Ipatovsky District of Stavropol Krai



A series of workshops for children on making decorations from satin ribbons.

The leaders of the club formations stepped up their activities in a new format, and the head of the Skillful Hands club formation (decorative and applied arts) was one of the first who created a series of master classes on making decorations from satin ribbons. The project got its name Our talents. All videos are posted on the institution's social media pages and anyone can watch them.
Children who are participants of club formations of other directions, with pleasure and interest got acquainted with the videos, studied them and sent photos of their works. A feature of the master classes is thorough preparation: from the theoretical justification of the proposed topic to materials for practical implementation. The children were able to implement the practical implementation when rehearsals and preparation for performances began. The participants of Smile dance club formation showed their activity. Children made decorations on their own, with their own hands, in order to give their costumes a festive look. In total, several variants of decorations were made. These are daisies, sunflowers, hair rims with flowers. The children learned new dance compositions, and they were shown in the concert program prepared for the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity and the costumes of the speakers were decorated with these products.
Our Talents project implemented in 2020–2021 showed that the work of the cultural institution has acquired a new direction and meets the requirements of modern reality. Our Talents project is a series of master classes on making jewellery from satin ribbons, using products to decorate concert costumes. In the House of Culture of Bolshaya Dzhalga village, Ipatovsky district, there are 16 club formations that cover all age categories and take into account the diverse interests of visitors. There are club formations of vocal, dance, decorative, applied, theatrical directions for the adult category of citizens and for the children's category of different ages. The year 2020 has taught us how to build work in a new format. The reality of time forced us to master modern technologies and learn how to work online.