Military Medical Museum


The project is about the history of medicine and military matters. Museum employees talk about great doctors, epidemics and its control, medicine of the Great Patriotic War and inhuman medical experiments of the Nazis.

In a series of online tours, museum staff shares the stories of great Russian doctors, epidemics of the past, the role of doctors in saving lives, military medicine, as well as the terrible medical experiments of the Nazis and conditions the prisoners of German concentration camps were kept under.
The best experts - researchers and guides - speak in simple language about natural scientific discoveries and difficult military times, nurses and military doctors. They cite the scientific research works and show authentic objects making the museum collection.
Subjects of the tours include: Nikolai Pirogov's contribution to medical science and practice, Alexander Pushkin and medicine of the XIX century, establishment of the People's Commissariat of Health in the USSR, work of the museum's front-line brigades during the Great Patriotic War, medical support during the Vietnam War, invention and development of respiratory protection, space medicine and many others.