Foundation for the Preservation of Ethno-Cultural Heritage named after Miklukho-Maklay Non-profit Organization


A combination of multimedia technologies that preserve the historical and cultural heritage of domestic achievements, with online training programs for young people.

Integrating knowledge about the historical past of the country, about the personality of N. N. Miklukho-Maklay and his achievements, the online museum presents unique objects of material culture of the north-east of the New Guinea island, articles and films on the Internet page prepared with the expert support of cultural figures and specialists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as comprehensive information in the field of Russia's development of the South Seas region in the XIX century.
Familiarization with the expositions of the museum contributes to the intellectual development of young people, the formation of a tolerant attitude to the diverse ethnic and cultural forms of life of peoples, respect for the past, causes a sense of pride in the achievements of compatriots, which contributes to the patriotic education of young people. The presented materials are designed to arouse interest in the topic, the desire to continue traditions and contribute to the history, science and culture of our state. The purpose: Perpetuation of the memory of the outstanding scientist and traveller N. N. Miklukho-Maklay for a comprehensive acquaintance with his scientific, cultural and ideological heritage about the equality of races and peoples, contributing to the versatile intellectual development of young people, the formation of a tolerant attitude to the diverse natural, ethnic, artistic and cultural forms of existence of different peoples, respect for the past.
Objectives: – organization of a comprehensive acquaintance with the online museum in cultural and educational institutions by conducting lecture face-to-face and remote events aimed at the younger generation; – conducting research work on the creation, description and regular updating of the exposition and materials on the pages of the online museum with the involvement of Russian and foreign figures of science and culture; – comprehensive coverage in the media, on Russian and foreign Internet resources, in social networks.