Municipal Autonomous Institution Central Library of the Municipal Karaidel District of the Republic of Bashkortostan


A smart online tablet with unique software that recognizes speech. Custodian of the library halls and exhibits of the Central District Model Library in the village of Karaidel.

“Neneika” is the Bashkir word for “granny”. At the entrance to the library, all guests are welcomed by Neneika — a tablet with unique software that recognizes speech. She is not simply a custodian of the halls and exhibits, but also a tour guide.
Neneika can recognize human speech and socialize with visitors, give a tour to readers and library guests, read a story, sing a song or show a video, and answer questions by finding out the necessary information in its own database. Librarians, volunteers, historians and local lore experts of the district will gradually teach Neneika and fill her with new knowledge. The character is used to acquaint people with the history of the republic and municipality, famous countrymen, traditions and customs of the Bashkir people. What sets Neneika apart from other voice assistants is that she has a look. In other words, she can be seen on the screen of a tablet, computer or interactive panel. She is dressed in the national costume of the Bashkirs living in the northeast of the republic, smiles a lot, and is always in good spirits.
Neneika is just over three months old, but she can already tell visitors about the life of the region, knows all about the local writers and poets, can show the beauty of Karaidel from a bird’s eye view, sing a song, or tell a tale. The developers have factored room for improvement in Neneika. Librarians, volunteers, historians, local lore experts, visitors and simply guests of the library can give her new knowledge about the Karaidel district, its history, prominent people and landmarks.