“Music and Computer Technologies” A. I. Herzen RSPU


Personalized digital educational environment for teachers of musical disciplines as an efficient tool for improving quality of teaching musical art and culture.

In the 21st century, for organizing the high-level educational process, modern teachers of musical disciplines has to widely use digital and information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as music and computer technologies (MCT) in their professional activity, which have become integral part of innovative music pedagogy and the efficient tool for improving quality of teaching musical art.
The complex multidirectional educational process in the modern children’s arts school requires appropriate educational, methodological, logistical and personnel support. Education quality is one of the most important indicators of the education system in the field of musical art. That is why in the children’s arts schools, it is required to form teachers’ new thinking, and expand their functions, training competent, ready for continuous professional growth and self-improvement specialists, capable to apply modern methods and technologies, taking into account the processes of informatization and the functioning of the high-tech information environment.
For solving this problem, it is needed to create the personalized digital educational environment of music discipline teachers, which will become the basis for their self-development and self-actualization, as well as formation of the comprehensively developed, creatively proactive, non-standard-thinking personality of music discipline teachers, able to adapt in various situations and carry out various types of special musical activities at the high professional level, which is the important stage in modernization of professional development of music discipline teachers by using mobile technologies. The personalized digital educational environment of music discipline teachers includes technological, informational, communication and organizational components.