The State Academic Maly Theatre of Russia Federal State Educational Institution of Culture


The videofilm about the history of creation, ideas and unique exhibits of the exhibition dedicated to the productions of Shakespeare's play Macbeth at the Maly Theatre with the participation of its great actors.

Along with the above and related storylines, the project offers a model for the application of traditional and innovative elements of the film language, not only enhancing the semantic and emotional effects of the material being demonstrated, but also bringing the reportage and documentary genre closer to the art cinema.
The project is a documentary film-performance carrying several complementary plot motifs: 1. The history of a unique find that became the catalyst for the idea and implementation of an exhibition of unique costumes, props, sketches, photographic materials about the history of productions of Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth at the Maly Theatre; 2. The history of the evolution of aesthetics and artistic discoveries of the Maly Theatre in scenography and acting through the prism of Macbeth productions; 3. The motives and poetics of Shakespeare's work and the issues of its actualization in different eras through stage solutions; 4. Presentation of today's creative structures of the Maly Theatre, from actors and directors to employees of the museum, production workshops and video studio, the work results of which are, among other things, the film.
Actualization of the experience of mastering the key layers of Western European drama by Russian theatrical culture on the example of the history of Shakespeare's productions; popularization of the historical experience and modern creativity of the Maly Theatre not only as the largest professional theatre, but also as a centre of historical and cultural research; familiarization of different categories of viewers (including those with special features of development and living in remote regions) to the best achievements of domestic and world art. Creation of new formats of educational work that combine the fundamental traditions of national culture with innovative solutions of today.