St. Petersburg Children's Art School named after M. I. Glinka St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution of Additional Education



Association of various types of art based on the work of Russian composers and poets of the XIX–XX centuries. It includes concerts, contests, exhibitions, creative meetings and events.

It has been held since 2005 with the support of the Board of Directors of Educational institutions subordinate to the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg, the Union of Concert Figures of St. Petersburg.
The founder is the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg. 8 concerts took place at the State Academic Chapel, Master Class – Master Gallery International Centre for Cultural Support, the Elena Obraztsova Cultural Centre, the Troitsky Cultural Centre, the L. N. Benois Apartment Museum and the St. Petersburg Children's Art School named after M. I. Glinka; 2 creative meetings; 6 master classes; an evening of poetry; an exhibition, a round table and a quest game for students on the work of M. I. Glinka. Students of secondary and higher educational culture and art institutions, professional actors, artists and soloists and the best creative teams of the Northern Capital took part in the events, along with students. There were a total of 972 participants, 1,749 spectators. The total number of views is over 15,000! During the Festival, the Glinka Children's Art School showed Music is my soul exhibition of works by students of children's art schools and art departments of children's schools of arts, which are under the jurisdiction of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg. The exhibition was visited by more than 400 people.
"Ways of development of the Community of children's music/art schools bearing the name of M. I. Glinka" round table was held. There was a competition among students of children's music/art schools, secondary specialized and higher educational institutions, centres of children's creativity and aesthetic education in the following categories: "Young vocalist", "Young composer", "Young concertmaster", "Art of declamation". There were 208 participants from 47 educational institutions of the Northern Capital and other cities of the Russian Federation aged from 7 to 20 years. The jury consisted of leading teachers of higher educational institutions of culture and art and creative figures of St. Petersburg and Russia. The goal is to create conditions for the development of children's creativity, the formation of a creative personality based on the traditions of Russian culture. Tasks: preservation and development of traditions of culture and art; generalization and dissemination of the experience of holding the festival in the socio-cultural space of the city by an educational institution of additional education; creating conditions for successful creative self-realization of participants; creating a motivating environment for immersion in the world of art in order to create conditions for choosing a future profession; uniting project participants and professional artists in joint creative activity; dissemination of effective creative practices, including the concept of unification and interaction of various types of art based on the work of M. I. Glinka, Russian composers and poets of the XIX–XX century; creation of conditions for the unification of educational and concert organizations named after M. I. Glinka; identification of gifted children; socialization of the child's personality; formation and development of professional competencies, expanding their horizons, fostering initiative and communication skills