State Budgetary Institution of Culture of the city of Moscow "Association of Cultural Centres of the Southern Administrative District"


An extensive online program. An eight-hour live broadcast, Library Quiz, a raffle of dozens of prizes, numerous partners: this is Library Night 2021.

On April 24, 2021, Libraries of the South of Moscow held Library Night 2021 online. Eight hours on air, the hosts held a celebratory and iconic event for readers accustomed to the physical format of the gathering.
The live broadcast was prepared by public bloggers, stars and writers — Zhenya Kalinkin and Darya Kasyan, Sergey Lukyanenko, Vanya Dmitrenko, Sergey Druzhko, the famous "dubbing actors" — Karen Arutyunov, Darya Blokhina, Albert Ibragimov and Anisa Murtaeva. Alexander Kibovsky, Minister of the Moscow Government and Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow, was interviewed on the development of cultural initiatives in the digital space and the library industry prospects. Sections of the event included "Library Quiz", street-talk "Reading test", interview "Call me, call me", as well as the completely new ones: "Library Taxi" quiz in collaboration with Yandex Go, impromptu show "The dubbing actors", public-talk "Unbelievable". Various partners were involved in the activities. Yandex Go service, online movie theatre, Glavkosmos JSC, publishers Bombora, AST, MIF, Alpina Publisher, Compass Guide, MyBook library of electronic and audio books, Kidzania children’s centre, ArtPlay design centre, MARS contemporary art centre, Moscow Planetarium, Royal Talens, Sakura, Netology online school, Kidburg children’s centre, Igroved board game store chain. Each of them prepared gifts for the participants of Library Night 2021. Dozens of prizes found their winners.
The aim of the project is to attract the attention of Muscovites to new projects and formats of library work Objectives: 1) attracting the audience of 20 to 35 years of age 2) networking for further collaboration 3) testing new formats of interaction with library readers