Karelian Philharmonic Society, the Directorate of Festival and Cultural Events of the Republic of Karelia



On February 28, the world premiere took place in Petrozavodsk in an online format. The authors of the Karelian Suite were three Russian composers: Ilya Kuznetsov (Part 1 — Myths and Legends), Pavel Karmanov (part 2 — White Night on a forest Lake), Alexey Kurbatov (part 3 — Northern Lights).

The music was specially commissioned from the composers for the Big music for small cities project, which has been implemented for the second year by the Karelian State Philharmonic together with the Directorate of Festival and Cultural Events of the Republic of Karelia and the Administration of the city of Joensuu (Finland) with the support of the Karelia EU Cross-Border Cooperation Program. The concert spectators were not only residents of Karelia and Russia, but also neighbouring Finland. The concert taking place in Petrozavodsk was included on-line in the official program of the Winter Festival in Joensuu (Finland). In order to carry out successful technical support, the SMK production centre which has the capabilities to organize a high-quality broadcast from the pavilion joined the project.
The concert of the Karelian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra from the pavilion was broadcast in HD quality, with 8 cameras accompanied by a light show on a screen located on the stage backdrop, with dimensions of 48 square meters. This project is an example of a successful collaboration of state institutions on both sides of the border, NGOs and a private company. The aim of the project is to develop crosscultural communications in the creative industry on both sides of the border between Russia and Finland. Tasks: - Creation of a new cultural product by supporting a modern Russian school of composition; - Introduction of digital technologies in academic art; - Expanding the accessibility and attractiveness of modern academic musical art for a wider audience; - Implementation of new formats of cooperation between Russian and foreign partners, the public sector, business and NGOs.