Alexander Malich


"Slow talk show" by Alexander Malich furthers hot/haute culture, arts, creators and art lovers.

There is not always a growing gulf between "hot" and "haute" in art. Therefore, the project authors do not give any definitions, but simply try to understand what is worth paying attention to and why some things make the world better and more interesting. Participants of the show are those who stage plays, make films, pictures and music, perform on stage, organize exhibitions, publish books.
The project shows "points of entry" into the world of arts. What needs to be read or seen first in order to feel the context. What steps to take in that field of art the participant refers to. The main goal of the project is to foster interest in culture, arts and innovations, as well as to bring improvement to the quality and diversity of the society's cultural life. The project introduces a new form of conversation and tries to draw attention to the culture in the process of a slow talk, somehow resembling a talk without cameras with a like-minded friend. Apart from the slow talk series, the channel offers some more things: "Hot Culture in the City" where jazz musicians play in St. Petersburg cafes, bars and bookstores; "Poets from the Block" where nowaday poets read their poems about different districts of St. Petersburg, and "Hot Culture Exhibition" devoted to the most relevant and interesting exhibitions.
The project is now on YouTube and Telegram. Some episodes of the project are adapted for an international audience and have subtitles. Hot Culture project participated in organization of the Rainy Hot Culture Days festival in 2021, when jazz bands concerts were shot and video released on the channel. Hot Culture project is also a partner of the Mayak Festival, and had a special partnership "Hot Culture at Mayak" release where famous contemporary poets participated. The project strives for important social changes: awakening interest in culture, arts and innovations, self-development, mindful consumption of the information. Viewers make acquaintances, study, visit places recommended by the show participants: Hot Theater, Hot Painting, Hot Cinema, Hot Literature, Hot Museums, Hot Music, Hot Festival, Hot Urbanism.