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The children’s educational interactive project helps touch the history of Russia, as well as various artistic techniques. Children study the country’s history via drawings.

This is “the virtual archaeological excavation” with elements of geocaching. Visualization of exhibits in 3D format, and implementation of the idea of “visiting the museum outside the museum”.
Our team took the liberty of touching heroic and tragic periods of our native history. By passing the blockade through our hearts, we hope we’ve managed to show our children the truth. I am sure that, holding a pencil, a pen, a piece of chalk or a brush in their hands, children will feel and gain strength, will feel another important part of the word “Homeland”. This is vital in the period of constant crises, breaking the usual rhythm of life.
It is important for every child to feel support, stability and love in the family; what experts call recognition. How does this atmosphere of trust arise? I would answer that it does in joint creativity, especially on such serious themes, where an adult still remains the authority and the expert. It is necessary to communicate with a child in a language that (s)he understands, including the interactive one. In the language at the junction of new and old, time-tested technologies. It is for this purpose that the series “History in Colors” was conceived and started. The paper carrier of the book successfully combines and works with the project site.