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A special project aimed at understanding who were the Decembrists. The logics of the project is based on the idea that belonging to the same generation was the only thing that brought the rebels together.

An interactive historical long-read dedicated to the 195th anniversary of the revolt of the revolutionary-inclined Russian noblemen that would consequently be named Decembrists.
The logics of the project is based on the idea that the only thing that actually brought the rebels together was not their views or political ideals, but simply belonging to the same generation, observation and participation in the same historical events that shaped their worldview: the Bourgeois Revolution in France, the war against Napoleon, foreign campaigns, and popularity of secret societies.
The project consists of five chapters, each dedicated to a certain period. Beyond a new perspective of the event well-known for a Russian person since school, the project gives a reader an opportunity to examine the biographies of the five selected Decembrist ideologists. In the third chapter which describes the decade of their debates and searches, we provide a wider perspective: an interactive summary table features the dynamics of how the views on key issues were changing for twenty eminent figures of that generation. The aspiration behind the project is to break some historical stereotypes and to give readers another perspective of a well-known school textbook topic. Interactive elements of the special project help highlight dissimilarity of views and ambivalence of the Decembrists.