GAUK MO “Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum”


As part of the Night of Arts 2020 campaign, a miracle was performed behind the closed doors of the Serpukhov Museum: the museum turned into a total masterpiece of culture and arts.

The museum is a space for the dialogue of arts! During the pandemic, as part of the Night of Arts 2020 campaign, the museum turned into a total masterpiece of arts, where dance, theater, music and fine arts were combined in the halls. All these were combined in one format due to the magic of cinema and digital platforms of the city.
The idea of this project was inspired by the exhibition “The World Created Anew”, which operated during this period and united the painting of the late 19th — early 20th centuries (the main theme is the synthesis of the arts of that period).⠀
The project “Film. Arts Collaboration “My Museum” involved the large number of the Serpukhov creative teams: modern and classical musicians and dancers, academic vocalists, masters of declamation from Palaces of Culture and private studios. There are items specially designed for halls of the museum, for specific paintings. The artists’ performances of the artists are succeeded by the museum staff’s brief digressions into the history of the estate and individual exhibits. This is a new format of immersion in arts, and acquaintance with the museum’s collection. All the performances were filmed, edited into a single movie, and then it was broadcast online on the museum’s YouTube channel and the city’s digital platforms.