Culture Headquarters project



Instagram account created for the same-name dancing performance in order to prepare the future audience for the event.

Project's visual imagery is partly based on the photographs of a St. Petersburg choreographer who uses the method of the frame "choreographing", which brings an awareness of the movement, causes physical sensations and an urge for movement. Visual part also includes animation and videos of the real life with the concept of capturing and realizing the means of feeling the boundaries of your body.
The page is arranged as the blocks interfered with still "Episode" pictures. Each block is an intersection of images creating a general composition of movement with the rhythm that can be read from top to bottom, from left to right and vice versa, where you can see your own geometry of movement in frozen pictures. Monochrome still pictures outline the text blocks as well. Text is arranged in a way that the viewer feels the freedom of interpretation. This is important for the page creators, since the key concept here is a dialogue - what social and public environment is based on.
The first Episode.This a Performance dancing event took place in the gallery where the audience was engaged in a dialogue with the museum space through dancing and returned to the point where boundaries of dancing and fine arts intersect. The exhibition site was chosen so that you could feel yourself easier than in the theater hall, which makes you interact actively with the performers and get a new experience and a new view on the museum and the dance.