ANO Education Centre “Modern Lecture Hall”


The Dostoevsky Lecture Hall is a universal media library containing up-to-date essential information presented in an accessible and understandable form.

Dostoevsky Lecture Hall is an assistant in intellectual education. We discuss complex and important topics in an engaging and clear way.
Dostoevsky Lecture Hall releases unique content. We carefully select ideas for discussion, find interesting facts and inspiring stories, and present them in an “education + entertainment” format. Listen to an authoritative opinion of professionals, look at familiar things from a different angle, plunge into the intellectual environment and find answers to questions of concern. Articles, videos, audios, podcasts, courses, webinars, interviews. There are several directions in our media library: • History • Literature • Arts • Cinema and Theatre • Fashion History • Lifestyle Many of our authors are doctors and candidates of science, professors and active educators. Dostoevsky Lecture Hall is a treasure trove of useful and interesting information. All materials are readily available free of charge. Individual lectures and lecture series can be assembled into complete educational programs. A fascinating and comprehensible narrative will help prepare for Unified State Examination, Basic State Examination or any other academic tests.
We organize both online and offline events. Meetings with book authors, theatrical figures, museum specialists, and media personalities. We also hold live broadcasts which you can watch on the Lecture Hall live channel on YouTube. Dostoevsky Lecture Hall is a unique website, a convenient mobile app, all popular social media, and an offline venue for communication and education. Dostoevsky Lecture Hall — a simple way to discuss complicated and essential matters. The goal of the project is to present the most reliable information about the cultural heritage and history of Russia in a good quality and accessible form to a wide audience. Objectives: Provide access to verified information from primary sources, involve specialists from the field of culture (museums, libraries, archives, theatres, etc.) and science (universities, research institutes, etc.) in the implementation of the project. Present quality content in every sense, attract the best producers of video and audio products. Present the content in an accessible and interesting way, in simple language and with clear illustrations. Attract the best mass media specialists. Distribute information, attract attention of the widest audience, use competent PR.