Gulnara Geniyatovna Gayfutdinova


The YouTube channel broadcasts online performances in Tatar with subtitles in Russian.

In April 2019, in the village of Toyguzino (located 34 km from the district centre of Mendeleevsk, the Republic of Tatarstan), where there is neither school, nursery school, nor shop (but there is a Paramedic obstetric centre, a Rural House of Culture, the Executive Committee of the Toyguzinsky rural settlement and a library), the Doreshkay theatre was created led by Gulnara Geniyatovna.
The theatre is attended by villagers without professional education, representatives of different professions, older and younger generations. As of January 1 this year, there are 101 Tatars in Toyguzino village. The population is less than 150 people. The target audience is adults, children and youth. Theatrical productions are performed only in the Tatar language. Through performances, the theatre team transmits the life of the Tatar people, cuisine, national costume. There is a new artist in each performance. Seeing the skill of original actors, not only residents of the village of Toyguzino, but also residents of neighbouring villages, the city of Mendeleevsk, who wanted to replenish the theatre group, appeared.
During the period from 2019 to 2021, 5 performances were staged. The Doreshkay Theatre is a good school for maintaining and learning the native Tatar language through performances. It is also gratifying that 2021 has been declared the year of native languages in the Republic of Tatarstan. After all, the goal of the Doreshkay theatre is to work on the revival of Tatar culture and the preservation of the Tatar language. In May 2020, the theatre coped with the pandemic by creating Doreshkay Theatre YouTube channel, where they were able to show 4 performances in an online format with subtitles in Russian. Thus, we expanded the circle of viewers. Kory kuyk ("Troublemaker"), a new online performance will appear on October 31. Over the entire period of its activity, the theatre has gained sponsors and partners.