Anastasia Konovalova


Blog devoted to the study of history, arts and culture through everyday life and the surrounding environment. Opportunity to find meaning and value in every object, to get to know yourself, your family, your country and the world around.

Blog by an arts historian Anastasia Konovalova was created for those who consider themselves to be "very far from the arts". In reality, it is just impossible to live without being involved into the history, culture and arts. It's something as routine as breathing, walking, eating and drinking. Every object, piece of clothing, car, house, decoration - it all has a rich history and artistic basis.
Project creator helps readers understand that: - everyone anywhere in the world is able to be cultured and creative; - attention and love to the things around us is the basis for our careful attitude towards them and people who created them, it creates a culture of eco-friendly and value-based consumption; - it is very easy to study history and arts just by looking around you; - it is easy to find values and a sense of owning truly important things just by learning how they were created; - cultivating empathy, which helps in communication, business, family relationships, is better and easier through the study of arts. The more adults are inspired by what they have and the more attentive they are to each other, the happier life each of them will have, and it will have a positive impact on the next generations, because children learn from the example of adults. 1. Inspire the study of history and arts. 2. Show practical benefits of cultural development (empathy, education, intelligence, creative skills, aesthetic intelligence, which is used by the largest companies in their business, growth of self-sufficiency and sense of value for each thing). 3. Give adults the means for comprehensive development of their own personality. 4. Utterly improve the quality of life.
Anastasia's ideas are based on studies devoted to brain work, connection between arts and emotional intelligence, aesthetic intelligence in business and marketing. She thinks that studying of arts is not about pompous words and viewing paintings in a museum; arts is something that exists in every person's life and that can change his mind, relationships and way of life. Focusing attention on one's own life and its quality is more relevant now than ever. During the pandemic, people need to pay more attention to self-development, home, inner state, peace of mind, feeling of fullness and satisfaction with life. The purpose of the blog is to make arts and culture popular, to drag attention to folk crafts, history of one's own family, ancestry, region, country. In her project, Anastasia reveals the value of the work of artist, architect or decorator, and the ways that will help everyone appreciate and preserve this craft. Apart from that, the author invites to study your family, ancestry and native land, in order to strengthen relationship between generations, create stronger ties, give attention and care to your loved ones and friends, transfer this respectful attitude to society: to work place and to the streets. After all, knowing yourself and your culture will make you able to improve your own life and the life around you thanks to a well-developed empathy and a sense of value of life, experience and history.