Stavropol Regional Universal Scientific Library named after M. Y. Lermontov


In 2021, Big BiblioQuest was held in Stavropol timed to coincide with the All-Russian Library Day. Participants were able to get into the

On May 30, 2021, the Big BiblioQuest was held for residents and guests of the city timed to coincide with the All-Russian Library Day. It was organized by the authors of the famous My City racing game together with municipal libraries and cultural centers.
Authors of the quest invited Stavropol citizens to cultural institutions of the city in order to take part in an educational game with unique creative tasks and workshops, which allowed them to gain useful skills. Passing the check points, quest participants could try on the role of the restorers, get into the closed archives, paint pictures and create their own hand-made decorations. Players got acquainted with the history of the Library Day and learned the secrets of librarians' work. Organizers invited everyone regardless of knowledge and skills, because the goal of the game is self-developement. Family teams enjoyed special conditions and had a possibility for break.
Quest participants had the opportunity to learn about the Braille script with raised dots, distinctions in the process of such book production and to try to make their own page layout. Online blindfold tasks where participants had to find the answers using voice prompts alone (having eye bandages) involved speech synthesis programs Talk back or Voiceover installed on touchscreen smartphones. Big BiblioQuest project also included an online public opinion poll on the activities of the city's libraries and the level of satisfaction with their services.


How to come up with an outstanding online cultural project?

The idea is the easiest thing in the project. At the brainstorming sessions with our team, ideas come in showers, you just need to imagine that there are no boundaries and you can do anything. The main thing is not to put your ideas on the back burner, even if they doesn't seem to be feasible.

What hidden pitfalls should be kept in mind?

Finding time for your projects and breaking out of the daily routine is probably the most difficult thing in any endeavor. Persistent lack of time when your life is literally scheduled to the minute. Being busy is what detains effective communication and project implementation.

Why do we need projects like yours? What is their value to people?

Take a look around. How often do you think about some unusual things happening now or in the past in your house, neighborhood, city? The Big Biblioquest project was created as a small tour of the city districts (in the USSR, libraries were built in each district to provide people with books as fast as possible), but participants were not just wandering from one check point to another, instead, they learned the history of houses, signboards and many other things. Each cultural project is unique, but all of them have one and the same goal — to show richness of your native culture.