Sergey Bezrukov’s Foundation for the support and development of socio-cultural projects and the Moscow Gubernsky Theatre.


This is a special project of the International Grand Kids’ Fest (Bolshoy Detsky Festival, BDF), an interactive urban exhibition with three game trails for children, held in nine cities of Russia.

In 2020, the world faced the pandemic. The main program of the International Grand Kids’ Fest (Artistic Director Sergey Bezrukov) has been moved online. The organizers faced a challenge: How to popularize children’s theatre at the federal level at a time when many theatres are closed or do not work for children? How to introduce family audiences to the exemplary children’s theatres in ways other than online screenings? “BDF Quest. Theatrical Delivery” project was conceived and implemented to address this problem.
This is interactive city exhibition with three game routes for children. A universal project in the trend of today, developing the idea of the presence of the theater in any place, at any time thanks to the online service. It's a series of posters placed in 9 cities with an encoded video image that is read by a gadget (smartphone or tablet) using a QR code recognition program. Quest participants register on the website ( ) and start the game. In each video, the hero of one of the performances tells a story and gives a task. The heroes of the short video tasks were the actors of the MBDF nominating theaters.
The result of the work of the BDFQUEST team was a completely new federal-scale project for the theater. Many participants thanked us for giving them invaluable time spent with their family. Goals: 1. To promote the popularization of theater for children in Russia. 2. Raise the status of the theater for children. 3. Expand the geography of MDF. 4. Increase the brand awareness of the festival among the family audience. 5. To organize a cultural and leisure event for children with parents, based on the performances of the participants of the main program of the MBDF.