Gonzo Design Studio


Multimedia project about the nature of women. Where traditional folklore meets today's image of a woman.

Awakening the Earth— is a project by the Gonzo-Design team where traditional folklore meets today's image of a woman. This is a multimedia work where the viewer travels along the river.
You walk along the shore and read wild folklore texts, get to know documentary stories of today's women and see interactive visual imagery. The project reveals nature of a woman, while reviewing contrasts and interactions between traditional folklore narratives and the experience of present-day women. Many folklore traditions consider life cycles and human behavior are metaphorically-connected with the soil as the matter that gives life.
Throughout the project, the viewer follows a metaphorical river that leads through the three narratives: key phases in a woman's life; four seasonal cycles - from one winter to another; and life cycle - from death to death, followed by birth. The authors studied scientific monographs of the Russian heritage for four years choosing extracts devoted to the close connection of women life cycle and nature. The project is an alternative way of self-understanding. The viewer is invited to dive into the historical past in order to look at the future differently.