This is a creative online space dedicated to education, self-improvement, professional development in art and culture.

ARTCOMPASS educational project is a collection of theoretical and practical knowledge formed into training courses in the following areas: vocal, choreography, Theatre, solfeggio, and fine arts. Each student of the platform is provided with a personal certificate of the established form in the portfolio, confirming the completion of the educational program, and the opportunity to receive an official state certificate of advanced training.
Online learning allows you to fill the gaps in traditional education without compromising the current learning process of students. Thanks to the stage experience, the professionalism of a unique team of teachers, the knowledge gained at the school will help students continue their professional education in secondary and higher specialized educational institutions. ARTCOMPASS training courses are suitable for all ages and skill levels. With the help of our training programs, teachers increase their level of competence and learn new teaching techniques, artists and painters learn new techniques, beginners learn the basics and become virtuosos. The collected techniques, methods and training programs will contribute to the development of a creative personality, help develop potential and realize bold and creative dreams, ideas, creative desires and ambitions.
Our goal is to preserve and share the knowledge and experience of teachers, who until now have not gone beyond the institute classes and creative workshops, and are now available for all interested people on their smartphones. Tasks: – search for relevant and effective methods of art teaching; – creation of convenient and prompt access to knowledge for a wide range of people.