Kronstadt Palace of Culture State Budgetary Institution of St. Petersburg



A series of programs prepared by the Kronstadt Palace of Culture featuring famous and successful people of culture whose fate is more or less connected with Kronstadt.

Kronstadt Palace of Culture presents 5x5 online cultural project ("Five answers to five questions"). Project is a series of programs featuring famous and successful Russian people of culture and arts. Program is made in the form of an interview.
Participants answer several questions related to their profession, secrets of success, choosing a creative way, talk about current trends in culture and share their impressions and memories of Kronstadt.
The 5x5 project has been released since January 2021. Since then, many people participated in it: singer Tatiana Bulanova, actor and singer Ivan Ozhogin, jazz musician David Goloshchekin, actor Oleg Levakov, writer Andrey Kivinov, singer and actor Viktor Krivonos, composer Viktor Pleshak, actor Andrey Noskov, music producer Oleg Grabko.