Central Cultural Complex Municipal Budgetary Institution (CCC MBI)


This is a set of online events that allow you to show Udmurt culture to young people in a popular form.

The main idea of the project is to show folk traditions, games, dishes of Udmurts in a popular, accessible form for children and youth, with the possibility of practical application in everyday life. Udmurtia is a national region where a month of Udmurt culture is held annually from October 27 to November 27, and in 2020 the republic celebrated the 100th anniversary of statehood.
The creative staff of the institution, together with a specialist in folklore and folk culture, have developed a series of online events in popular areas: traditional games, cuisine, animation. Video: 2 promo and 5 thematic videos have been prepared: Kubista yyr (Cabbage head), Vumurt (Water elf), Tupen — gopen (Ball in the pit) Udmurt games, traditions of national traditional and stylized costume, Vyl Zhuk (New porridge made of first-ground flour) autumn festival, Perepechi from Udmurt cuisine. Three online concerts were aired: Gurtovision-2020 (gurt means “a village”), a gala concert of the Udmurt regional culture contest, concert programs "Mynam duno muzeme" (My dear land) and "Zhin zhin demen pumiskom" (We will meet together) dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the statehood of the Udmurt Republic.
Within the framework of the project, Udmurt giants, the first plasticine cartoon in the republic was prepared according to the legend called Alangasary ("Giants"). The paintings that served as the background for the cartoon and the characters from sculptural plasticine were created by a specialist of CCC MBI. Specialists of the institution took part in the cartoon dubbing. Udmurtia STRBC regional TV channel and Prigorodnye Vesti publishing house told about this cartoon. By November 27, the Day of the Udmurt Language (Udmurt Kyllen nunalyz), a game "Kytyn Logic?" was held based on the popular game "Where is logic?", all the questions of which were related to Udmurtia.